27 May 2015

Shared online documents

As my readers know I've been on a quest to find as many of the smaller Frederick County cemeteries as possible. My process before was to go to the cemetery, try and get the best photos I could, come home and put each cemetery in to its own folder and then rename each of the photos to the name(s) on the tombstone. I now have almost 100 cemetery folders, though many of them are not complete as they are the larger cemeteries and I was there to just confirm that the coordinates and name were correct.

After quite some time I began to realize that I needed more than just the photos so I started making spreadsheets as well. I took the names and information that I could make out from the stone and if need be crosschecked it with Names in Stone. Sometimes it's hard to find all of the names that Holdcraft found because it's in alphabetical order. If I didn't find a stone from NIS then I noted that, and if I found more stones I noted that as well.

There are some cemeteries that I'd like to find so I make a spreadsheet on those so when I do hopefully find them I know what to look for. I know that some cemeteries have been moved, the Kline family cemetery, 9A, in Wolfsville, at least two of the stones were moved to Saint Marks. Also in Wolfsville the entire Maugans family cemetery, 12A, was moved to Salem United. Three of the four stones from the Kemp family cemetery, 202, were moved to Mount Olivet.

I have created a new Google account, Catoctin.history, to store all of these documents so others can use. You can find the spreadsheets here. Please remember that these are still in a raw format. If there's no survey date then I haven't found the cemetery yet. My notes shouldn't be too hard to understand but they might be. I do not list Jr, Sr, III, or any other prefix or suffix, nor do I list husband/wife. I do try and say when two or more people are on the same stone. I also put each name as I have found it on the stone and did not try and change the name as Holdcraft sometimes did.

Each sheet is done by the Holdcraft number and then name he gave each cemetery. I have put leading 0s so that the numbers come out in order correctly. For example, the Kline family cemetery is named 009A Kline Family Cemetery. Cemeteries that Holdcraft did not catalog, and there are a few, have not been given a number and just named as best as I could.

Let me know of any problems you may find.

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