02 June 2015

Titus Atlas is fully digitized

I have finished creating an electronic version of the 1873 Titus Atlas. There are four separate sections to the map, a north, south, east, west and towns. The towns section is all of the smaller towns that had their own map. Also included in there is the separate districts in Frederick City. There are some 6300 names listed.

To search for a surname, type the name you're looking for in the box:

Google Maps search box. Note yours will probably look slightly differently.

As you can see there is a drop down of all of the people with the surname Main on the map. Remember, not everyone who owned property was listed in the atlas, also there could be a few other reasons that you can't find a name; I might have made a typo, the original surveyor made a mistake, or I was unable to fully read the name. Also remember that most of the times there is just an initial for the first name.

 You can also switch between a normal map view and a satellite view. Sometimes you can still see the original house in the general area. You might also be able to see the property lines if trees or fences were left.

Normal map view.

Satellite view.

I have no intentions of fixing anything in this map, it's far too large to be able to do that. I do however want to release Google Earth versions where I can, if possible, add first names and make corrections. Hopefully this version will work to help some people locate relatives.

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