26 January 2015

Good news on Titus Atlas

After finding out that Google Maps has a hard limit of 2000 points per layer I had to figure a way around that to have all the points I've done so far. I was able to split the layers I've done in to three layers, a west, north and south. There are a couple of points that are on the wrong layer, but that doesn't affect anything. Those came from when I was reviewing my work and noticed I had missed them, the database puts things in order of entry.

The breakdown of the different districts is as follows:
Jefferson, Petersville, Middletown, Jackson, Catoctin and Hauvers.
Emmittsburg, Mechanicstown, Creagerstown, Woodsborough and Johnsville.
Buckeystown and Urbana.

There are some 3600 names now on the map. By my estimate I'm more then half way done, there are still five more districts to do, but there are also all the smaller cities to finish up.

07 January 2015

Google Earth issues

I'm on a steady pace on entering all of the Titus atlas into Google Maps, however there seems to be an upper limit to the number of items that can be entered. Currently I'm around 2700 names, I believe there are around 6500 names total in the atlas. Google Maps seems to have an upper limit of 2000 items per layer and will not let me import my data. Currently I'm trying to find a work around, possibly splitting the layers in to 3-4 different ones.

So far I have finished the following districts:
Buckeystown, Middletown, Creagerstown, Emmitsburg, Catoctin, Hauvers, Petersville, Jefferson, Mechanicstown and Jackson.

Next I will start working on Urbana and I will also try and figure out a way to put all the information I have on Google Maps.