29 July 2016

Find a Grave Mapping

Edit on 13 November, 2017. The new Find a Grave no longer supports this option that I know of. Possibly it will be brought back in the near future, but for now it's not possible to go to this map. 

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I was recently asked if I knew where some cemeteries were located in Frederick county. I believe that every cemetery that I've visited myself has been put on to Find a Grave. Find a Grave has a nice, not well known, option, of showing all the mapped cemeteries by county. Using this link should send you directly to the Frederick county map. It will look like this:

As you can see you can pick any state and any county in the upper left corner. If you know the name of the cemetery, using the top box on the right and selecting the cemetery will change the color of the symbol making it easier to locate.

Zooming in on the map can help if you know the approximate location. Clicking on the symbol will bring up the name of the cemetery with a link to the Find a Grave cemetery page. 

While looking at the main cemetery page it is easy to see if the cemetery has been mapped or not.  There is a tab in the upper left hand corner of the page that says "Map", which will give the GPS coordinates and a map. Do note that some of the smaller cemeteries may be wrong, either because of a typo at some point, because someone is guessing the location, or the information was pulled from another source that was wrong. The USGS maps used information from a variety sources, including Names in Stone, and I have found a couple of cemeteries that were off by a few streets. For the most part though I have found the maps to be very useful and spot on in locating cemeteries.