16 June 2015

The locals usually know the way.

A few weeks ago I was documenting the Buckeystown Methodist Church, which is behind a bed and breakfast. The owners were quite happy to show me around the B&B that they were renovating and they were quite happy that someone was documenting their cemetery. I also asked him if he knew of any other cemeteries in the area, but since he was newer to the area he didn't. He did however know the person I should ask, Nancy Bodmer, who owns Bodmer's Store. She has written a couple of books on the history of Buckeystown. However, because I took a bit too much time photographing and talking I was late for the Historical Society.

This past weekend I needed to get a couple of better photos of the Church cemetery so I stopped back by. After getting my information I decided to stop off and see if I could find out some more information about the family cemeteries that at one point were in the area. At first Nancy could only remember the Methodist church site that I had already been too, but after looking through one of her books she found a second one, the Davis Family Cemetery. I don't believe she had ever been there, but she knew the land owners and directed me in the right direction.

Because I had spent almost 30 minutes talking to Nancy, I was almost late to make it to the Historical Society on time. Because there were only supposed to be six stones in the cemetery I figured I could get the information and not be too late. When I got to the property, the owner John, asked me to come back later and was told 4 would be a good time. When I came back I was offered a ride in a cart to make it to the cemetery as it was across the fields and through a few fences.

Along the way I learned that John's father had owned the land prior to him and that now he and his wife spent half the year in Arizona and half here and that they had just gotten back. He also told me that the previous year he had had the stone fence redone. After getting to the cemetery I was disheartened to see only five stones when I thought there were supposed to be six, however, after looking at my photos I found that one stone contained two names. I was glad that John was able to take me as I never would have found the place myself.
Davis Family Cemetery

After finishing the Davis cemetery I didn't have a clear plan. So I ended up going to Jefferson to see about taking some photos of my Kessler relatives, but the church was having some sort of activity so I decided against taking photos at the time.

I've found over the last year or so of trying to find cemeteries one really does just have to keep asking around until you come across the right person. Usually that one person knows enough to find one or two places, sometimes more. 

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