26 May 2015

Lakin Family and African cemeteries

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Historical Society and a group of women came in looking for some information on the Lakin family. They were looking for where the family lived and I was able to help them a bit, using the Titus atlas helped out a bit as well. They also asked if I knew where the family cemetery was located at. Looking at my spreadsheet I found a location and gave it to them. They thanked me and went on their way to find the cemetery and land.

The next day I decided to go cemetery hunting, and since I hadn't been to the Lakin cemetery I decided to go there. Using the original coordinates I had put me in the wrong place. I knew I should have been close as I was on the correct road, but couldn't find it. Around where the cemetery was supposed to be located at was a house and people were having a cookout so I stopped and asked them. They said that the same women had stopped by the day before and gave them directions on how to get there.

When I got to the right place the man who lived there told me it was located behind the old house. Going down the correct driveway was fun as it was mostly grass, which on a motorcycle is interesting because of not being able to see holes and other obstacles. When I got behind the house all I saw was a fence and no cemetery right there. The man came out of his house, about 100 yards away, and yelled if I had found it, when I said no, he told me it was in the field. I walked a bit up the field and saw a fence way up on the hill. Since he had told me to "Just go on and ride your motorcicle up there," I did just that, right across a cleared field.

The trees down at the bottom is where the road ends.
Many of the stones were still in good shape, though there were a couple that unreadable. There were also a couple of stones that Holdcraft did not catalog.
Lakin Family Cemetery

After I also photographed a couple of African cemeteries, both of which had been mostly put on Find a Grave. The first was the Point of Rocks Colored Cemetery, the other was the Sunnyside United Methodist Church Cemetery. The Point of Rocks cemetery was kept in nice condition and most of the stones were readable.

When I arrived at the Sunnyside cemetery I was greeted by the pastor and he took me around the cemetery and gave me a bit of history. He was very appreciative that someone was taking photos of the cemeteries. He was also interested in the Point of Rocks cemetery as he had not heard of it.

Sunnyside United Methodist Church

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