11 April 2015

Another county marker found

6 Mile Marker
In another on of my posts, "The things you can learn...", I found a boundary marker that separates
Frederick and Montgomery county.  The woman who's property the 6 Mile marker was on told me that the 4 Mile marker was in a field that was visible from the road. For the last couple of months I would occasionally look for the marker, but it seems I was looking in the wrong place.

This past weekend I decided to go looking for the county marker that I was told about. I first went down Sugarloaf Mountain Road, looking in the fields I found nothing. I did however, see a group of people around where I thought the marker might be. When I rode up to the group I noticed they were all dressed in 19th century garb. I asked one of the group if they perhaps knew where the marker might be. Unfortunately I was told that they didn't know anything about the marker as they didn't own the property.

The group was finishing up an historic recreation of a 19th century trail walk. They were mostly a group of teenagers that had walked from Edwards Ferry pulling all of their belongings in wooden carts. They walked about twenty five miles over two days. When I rode up they were taking a group photo and burning their carts. They came from around Montgomery county and because of their interest in history they were interesting in what I was doing. They offered me so pie, but I was interested in finding the marker.

I went back to the driveway that I knew the other marker was near, then rode back two miles toward Sugarloaf. I ended up in the parking lot for Sugarloaf Mountain. Looking in the fields I saw a whitish rock in the middle of a field. Because the last marker I saw was a black slate I assumed that all of them would be. I ended up getting lucky and one of the local homeowners was getting his mail. I asked him if he knew of the marker and he knew exactly where it was. It turns out it was the white stone that I had seen. He was the caretaker for the Stronghold group that owns Sugarloaf Mountain and some of the land in the area.

I was told it wasn't a problem to go ahead and take some photos of the marker and he was happy that someone was interesting in documenting the markers. The field I walked through had a small stream and was very muddy and sticky. I got my photos as the sun was setting, which was good since I didn't want to walk back through the muck in the dark.

4 Mile Marker
Now that I've found two of the markers it will be fun to try and find the rest of the marker stones that hopefully are still standing. 

View of Sugarloaf Mountain from the marker.

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