11 October 2014

The things you can learn...

...by actually going out and exploring. Wednesday night I went looking for another family cemetery, this time near Sugarloaf Mountain. Since it was such a nice evening I of course took the bike. The GPS always wants me to take I-270, of course at 5p.m. 270 is packed so I took the back roads.

After getting turned around a time or two, note to self, double check the address, I found the long, gravel driveway I was looking for. Getting to the top of the driveway I was met by two large, friendly dogs, who alerted the owner I was there. She was quite helpful in telling me a bit about the stones, which were overgrown and had been hit by some farm equipment.

When I was done taking my photos and mapping things out I went to say thanks. When I asked if we were in Montgomery or Frederick county she told me both as the line was right on their property. Then she asked me if I would like to see some more history and told me that there was a marker for the county line a few hundred feet away. It seems that when they did the original survey to split Montgomery county from Frederick, every two miles they placed a rather large stone with the distance and F and M carved on it. Fittingly enough as this was the 6 mile marker and the farm was called 6 Mile Farm.

The owner also told me there was another stone not far away near Sugarloaf mountain in a cow pasture. I will need to ride by and check it out. Upon look further there is little information on any other stones, at least on Google. The only other photos I could find was the one in Parr's Spring, which is the corner for the counties of Howard, Carroll, Frederick and Montgomery. There is also speculation that there are markers in the Monocacy river, which is odd since the mouth of the Monocacy is fully in Frederick county.

The 'F' and 'M' are readable, the '6' in the upper left is difficult to read.

The stone stands about 3-4 feet tall.

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