22 April 2015

Titus Atlas districts now all mapped

I have finished up placing all the names from the Titus atlas districts in Google Maps. There are around 5300 names so there are bound to be typos, names that are difficult to read and errors. Please let me know if you come across them.

Because of the size I needed to break it down in to four separate sections. The sections and districts are:
Jefferson, Petersville, Middletown, Jackson, Catoctin and Hauvers.
Emmittsburg, Mechanicstown, Creagerstown, Woodsborough and Johnsville.
Buckeystown and Urbana.
Liberty, Mount Pleasant, Woodville, New Market and Frederick.

The east section came out differently then the other three and also includes the first initial, something I will try and fix soon. I will start working on the individual towns and cities next. I also have all of the mills, churches, schools and assorted other items found in the atlas. I haven't put them up because it makes the map look even more congested then it already is.

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