19 April 2015

Lilypons, birds and frogs

As a friend likes to say, "There's more to life then motorcycles and genealogy," so today's post is on one of the more known companies in Frederick County, Lilypons Water Gardens.

Lilypons was started in 1917 and originally called Three Springs Fisheries. In the mid 1930s the US post office wanted to establish a post office there for all the items they were mailing. The new post office needed a name so the owner of Three Springs, G. Leicester Thomas, Sr., decided to call it Lily Pons, after a famous opera singer. The Postal service said that it needed to be one word so it was named Lilypons.

Lilypons store

Not only does Lilypons sell fish, flowers and anything else one needs for outdoor ponds, it's also a great place to see birds and other wildlife. While early spring doesn't have much in the way of flowers, while we were there we did see a few different birds and a few frogs.

One swan was seen, along with a lot of Canadian Geese. Both sets of birds wanted the same pond so it was interesting to watch them honk at each other.
A Great Blue Heron was seen in one of the other ponds, though it flew away before I got a chance to get close for a photo. 

Luckily, it was warm enough to see frogs out, but it was also cool enough to catch them. 
 So, if one is looking for something different to do Lilypons is a nice getaway for a couple of hours. 

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