10 February 2015

Missing cemeteries

Below is a list of cemeteries that I still need to locate and document, if they still exist. All of these come from Names in Stone and should have been around in the 1950-60s. I'm sure between then and now some have been moved or destroyed. These are the names and numbers given in NIS. If you know anything about any of the following please let me know. The majority of them are smaller family cemeteries, though there are also a couple of other smaller churches that I either have not been to or have not located personally.

City Cemetery
Foxville [Eulid] Brown Family Cemetery 1 1
Foxville Mount Pleasant Church of God 3A south of MD77 at county line
Foxville Toms Family Cemetery 3B west of Quirauk School Road 1/2 mile north of MD77
Foxville Brown Cemetery 3 4A north of MD77 1/2 west of Foxville
Foxville Ridenour Family Cemetery 4B south of MD77, 1/4 west of Stottlemeyer Road
Garfield Wolf Family Cemetery 7A south of Smithsburg road at Garfield crossroads
Garfield Draper Family Cemetery 8
Wolfsville Kline Family Cemetery 9A Martin Road northeast of MD153, have been told is gone
Wolfsville Maugans Family Cemetery 12A West of Harp Hill Road, 3/4 mile south of Wolfsville, possibly moved
Ellerton Leatherman Family Cemetery 20A
Ellerton Harshman Family Cemetery 20B east of Harp Hill Road, 3/4 mile from Grossnickle's Church
Highland Miller Family Cemetery 22 Harmony-Ellerton Road and Wistman
Sabillasville Harbaugh Family Cemetery 29
Toms Creek Whitmore Family Cemetery [Dern Farm] 45 10720 Dern Road
Thurmont Hoover Family Cemetery 46 off US 15 north of fish hatchery
Thurmont Henge (Hankey) Family Cemetery 51 south of Moser Road
Millers Bridge Valentine Family Cemetery 55 North of 77 west of bridge, near RR
Lewistown Lichlider Family Cemetery 63A west of Hessong Bridge Road south of Blacks Mill Road

Mountaindale Brethren Church 66 Bethel & Mountaindale Roads
Daysville Link-Creager Family Cemetery 75 south of Daysville Road
Union Bridge Shepherd-Webb Family Cemetery 110 Good Intent Road
Johnsville German Baptist Church 111 Houck Road
Johnsville Saylor Family Cemetery 113 Bunker Hill Road
Good Intent Road Bethel Cemetery 114 Good Intent Road
Good Intent Road Smith Family Cemetery 116 Likely gone
Johnsville Stoner-Bucher Family Cemetery 117 Simpsons Mill Road and Buffington Road
Johnsville Methodist Episcopal Church 119
Johnsville Grabill Family Cemetery 1 120 Molasses Road
Johnsville Grabill Family Cemetery 2 121 Molasses Road
Johnsville Baker Family Cemetery 122 Molasses and Repp Roads
McKinstrys Mill Saum Family Cemetery 124 McKinstrys Mill Road
Englars Mill Landis Family Cemetery 125 Sams Creek Road and New Windsor Road
Clemsonville Clemson [Eisenberg] Family Cemetery 126 10120 Clemsonville Road, Union Bridge
Libertytown Simpson Family Cemetery 1 127 Fountain School and Coppermine Road
Libertytown Norris Family Cemetery 127A NE of of Coppermine Road 1/2 mile south east of Fountain School Road
Libertytown Burgess Family Cemetery 128 Pine Tree Road
Libertytown Lover's Rock Cemetery 130 Green Valley Road MD 75
Libertytown Simpson Family Cemetery 2 132 Fountain School Rd near New Windsor Road; 9608 B Fountain School Rd
Oak Orchard Dudderar Family Cemetery 134 south of New Windsor Road and McKinstrys Mill Road, possbily gone
Oak Orchard Ensey Family Cemetery [Rachel Ensey Grave] 135 Albaigh Road
Oak Orchard Baker Family Cemetery 136 Barnes Road
Weldon Lugenbeel-Worman Family [Frank Barnes Farm] 137 Oak Orchard and Covers Corners, off Barnes Road
Sams Creek Devilbiss Family Cemetery 138 north of Oak Orchard Road
Locust Valley [abandoned] Mount Hope Church of God 142 1236 Mountain Church Road
Locust Valley Young Family Cemetery 144 near Marker Road
Locust Valley Ramsburg Family Cemetery 145 On Beachley Road near Marker Road
Middletown Flook Family Cemetery 145A northeast of Biddle and Picnic Woods Roads
Braddock Heights Pyke-Coblentz Family Cemetery 149 south of [Alt] US 40
Braddock Heights Smith Family Cemetery 150 Cherry Lane
Braddock Heights House-Phillips Family Cemtery 151 Old Middletown Road
Burkittsville Schoolhouse Cemetery 152 2 miles NE of Burkittsville, on Arnoldstown Road
Burkittsville Slifer Family Cemetery 155 1/2 of Burkittsville, on Ahalt Distilery Road
Petersville Hook-McGill Family Cemetery 156 west of Catholic Church Road
Jefferson Catoctin Creek site 158A
Jefferson Shaff Family Cemetery 158B 1/4 mile west of Catoctin Creek, south of MD550
Jefferson Lamar Family Cemetery 159A Carroll Boyer Road
Jefferson Cost Family Cemtery 159B Haine Road
Jefferson Boteler Family Cemetery 160A
Jefferson Culler Family Cemetery 161 5255 Holter Road
Jefferson Feaster Family Cemetery 161A Roy Remsburg Road
Jefferson Chunn/Ridgley Family Cemetery 161B
Mountville Hoffman Family Cemetery 162 On Elmer Derr Road near Hawker Road
Doubs Johnson Family Cemetery 164 2518 Ballenger Creek Pike
Jefferson Lakin Family Cemetery 167 on Fry Road
Catoctin Creek Clagett-Duvall Family Cemetery 168
Knoxville Garrott Family Cemetery 171 Mountain Road
Indian Springs Angleberger Family Cemetery 176 Walter Martz Road and Yellow Springs Road
Harmony Grove Stephen Ramsburg Family Cemetery 178 possbily gone
Harmony Grove Cronise Family Cemetery 179
McKaig Lease Family Cemetery 185 North of Gas House Pike east of McKaig
New London Jones Family Cemetery 186 west of Old Annapolis Road
New London Nelson Family Cemetery 187 Central Church Road
New Market Price Family Cemetery 188 Yeagerstown Road
New Market Hammond Family Cemetery 189 west of Boyers Mill Road
New Market Hall-Wood Family Cemetery 190
Monrovia Friends Cemetery 191 near B&O tracks
Ijamsville Ijamsville Methodist Church 192 4010 Ijamsville Road
Reichs Ford Road Keller Family Cemetery 195
Reichs Ford Road Crum Family Cemetery 196 south of Ray Smith Road
Rocky Springs Kemp Family Cemetery 202 possibly moved to Mt Olivet
Ballenger Creek Pike Zimmerman Family Cemetery 208 Ballenger Creek Meadows
Buckeystown Methodist Church Site 211 3521 Buckeystown Pike
Buckeystown Davis Family Cemetery 212 southeast of brickyard near Monocacy
Urbana [Harriet] Simmons Family Cemetery 213 off MD 355 north of Urbana
Urbana Rine Family Cemetery 215 most likely gone
Park Mills Simmons Family Marker 219
Urbana Johnson Family Cemetery 219A Dixon Road
Dickerson Methodist Church 221A
Hyattstown Rollins Family Cemetery 225 on Slate Quarry Road
Hyattstown McClain Family Cemetery 226A
Browningsville Lawson Family Cemetery 228 2748 Loch Haven Drive
Unionville Campbell Family Cemetery 231 west of Mapleville Road
Unionville Dorsey-Mercer Family Cemetery 232 off Woodville Road south of Unionville
Unionville Lugenbeel Family Cemetery 1 233 on Woodville Road south of Unionville
Unionville Lugenbeel Family Cemetery 2 234 on Liberty Road east of Unionville
Unionville Nusbaum Family Cemetery 234A 150 feet south of MD26, 0.3 east of intersection of Unionville by-pass
Covers Corner Old Hammond Property 235
Covers Corner Gosnell-Haines Family Cemetery 236 on Buffalo Road south of 26, some stones possibly moved
Harrisville Douty Family Cemetery 241 West Falls Road
Harrisville Harn Family Cemetery 242 Peddicord Road
Linganore Poole Family Cemtery 2 245
Linganore James-Kimmel Family Cemetery 246 Old Annapolis Road and Kimmel Road
Linganore Devilbiss-Clary Family Cemetery 247 Dollyhyde Road south of Unionville
New London Buckey Family Cemetery 249 Lime Plant Road, possibly moved
New London Higgins Family Cemetery 249A north of Lime Plant Road 1.5 miles east of New London
New Market Dorsey Family Cemetery 253 Detrick Road
Kemptown Fowler-Rine Family Cemetery 262 Bill Moxley Road
Kemptown Fowler-Rine Family Cemetery 263 Route 80 and Bartholows Road


  1. The Simpson Family Cemetary 2 is located off Fountain School Rd. The Harrison's own the farm where it is located and are wonderful people. Two of their family members are buried there as well. If your drive further up Fountain School Rd. toward Coppermine and look to your left, you will see a clump of trees, sorta like a mini island in the field. This where you can find the hidden Simpson Family Cemetery 1.

    1. Heather,
      Thank you for the information. I had a general idea of where they were, but this will help greatly. Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend and I can make it out to find them.

  2. Do you have any updates for the Zimmerman's family cemetery? the best information I have is the last remaining 100 acres of the family heritage was isolated to 4810 Ballenger Creek Pike, Frederick, MD. I'm still trining to located the actual graves.

    1. John,
      You have the address almost correct, it's 4800 Ballenger Creek Pike. The owners of the property do not allow people access to the cemetery. From what I understand they do not live there year round and I have not been able to get in contact with them. Feel free to email me if you'd like more information.