19 March 2015

Spring is almost here

With snow on the ground for most of the last month it's been impossible to go cemetery hunting. The cold weather has also kept me off the bike.

I haven't been able to do much with the Titus Atlas either as my program has been crashing a lot.The good news with the atlas though is that I'm down to only needing to do one more district, Frederick, which happens to be the largest. After that I will work on the smaller cities. I am hoping that there are only about 1600 more names to enter.

The Historical Society at least has kept me a bit busy. The last two times I was there they were fairly busy. A couple of times a distant relative has come in and I tried to help him out. He wanted to know where one of his Main family lived in downtown Frederick. We were able to find that he most likely lived in the old Barbara Fritchie cabins where the tea house was on West Patrick Street.

Post Card of the Barbara Fritchie Cabins
Now with TV!

At the time the Mains lived there it was also a grocery store.

Also while helping someone with their family history we ran into an interesting will. It seems that this man never married and when he died he left most of his belongings to his brothers and sisters. However, he also freed his female slave and her son. I would like to look further in to this to see if the son was possibly his.

For those motorcyclists out there, remember that the cages are not expecting to see you after the winter, and for those non-riders please remember to look for us bikers.

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