03 February 2015

Weekend of cemeteries part 1

This past weekend was a productive one, I was able to locate seven cemeteries, four family and three church, in my efforts to catalog all of the cemeteries that Holdcraft found. Two of the church cemeteries, Mount Pleasant Methodist [181] and Mount Pleasant Reformed [182] are almost right next to each other. Both of those cemeteries are fairly small, as only 10 and 20 names respectively were found by Holdcraft.

Another cemetery I found was the old Methodist church [229] on Green Valley Road, MD 75, about 1/2 mile from the Pleasant Grove Methodist church [230]. This cemetery falls on the Titus atlas and taking a chance to find it on Tuesday after  a dental appointment I drove down 75 and spotted it along the side of the road. I didn't have my camera equipment with me, but I did take a quick shot with my phone to confirm I had the right cemetery.

Cemetery on Urbana page of Titus Atlas.
Saturday morning I went back and tried to see if there were more then the two stones that can be seen from the road. I wasn't able to find any more as it's overgrown with thorns. But I was able to get some ok shots of the memorials. Jacob Holdcraft found twelve names, I was only able to find four.

After volunteering at the Historical Society I went to Find the two cemeteries in Mount Pleasant. I wanted to confirm the location I had was accurate and to photograph the stones. It was pretty straightforward and I was able to get photos of most of the stones, though some were covered in snow and ice so I didn't get those.

My next stop was the Hammond family cemetery [250], also along Green Valley Road. This cemetery is on a horse farm and enclosed in a stone fence. The owners were quite happy to allow me access to take photos and document the graves. There were a couple of really nice stones here.

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