11 November 2014

Veteran's Day

Very few of my direct ancestors served in the armed forces. My father served in Vietnam, his father in WWII. Prior to that I have one or two that served in the American Revolution. I have yet to find a direct ancestor that served in the Civil War, WWI or the Korean War.

My grandfather, pictured here, was an MP during at least part of WWII. I really haven't researched what he did. Notice how on the photo on the left there are black marks, this was done on the original photos before it was sent home, the blackouts were done to keep the enemy from knowing where he was at. Even his company patches were blocked out.

 Here's a photo of my grandfather and a motorcycle, I'm guessing it's his since he is holding it. I didn't know him well, he died when I was 9, so I never talked to him about riding. I never really talked to him at all which is a shame. I have some memories of my father riding a motorcycle, but that was when I was quite young. It seems riding motorcycles is in the genes. 

Have a good Veteran's Day and remember those that served.  

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