19 November 2014

Mistakes, how easy to make

but at least most can be fixed.

A couple of months ago, when I was first trying to locate the cemeteries of Frederick county, I would take the motorcycle, my notebook, my handheld GPS and a copy of the first few pages of Names in Stone. I would go and get the coordinates of the cemeteries I knew about and provide updates to Find a Grave. One such cemetery, the Harbaugh Family cemetery near Sabillasville had a photo of what it looked like. Names in Stone described the cemetery as 1/2 mile from Sabillasville between the road and the railroad.

It turns out, that the cemetery that I thought was the Harbaugh cemetery was in fact the United Brethren Cemetery. Imagine my surprise when I went back last weekend, took some photos, went home and tried to upload them to find out that none of the graves matched. After looking through both Names in Stone and Find a Grave I figured out my mistake. Who would have known that two cemeteries of about the same size would be very close to one another. Now I'll have to figure out exactly where the Harbaugh family cemetery is.

I did however find two stones that were not listed in either Names in Stone or Find a Grave, Jacob Harbaugh and his wife Rebecca Harbaugh. All in all a good thing I figured out my mistake and found what might have been lost information.

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