10 November 2014

Busy few weeks

The last few weeks have been busy around here. Every other weekend I have my two girls, which keeps me from the motorcycle and usually looking things around Frederick. I also took a vacation to the Outer Banks for a weekend, which again took away from finding interesting things in the county. I have found some interesting things though, and gotten some nice things from eBay that at some point will be donated to the historical society.

I am still documenting cemeteries in the Frederick county area and on a day off last week I decided to find a few more. Most of these I knew right where they were and they were mapped out in the ADC map of Frederick county. Unfortunately I left my tripod at home and wasn't able to take many photos. I did however, verify where five or six cemeteries were at. Slowly but surely I'm getting the locations of all of the cemeteries in the county and can map them all out.

Here I am learning to hang glide, it was an interesting experience.  I've always wanted to try so I went for it.

There is some air between me and the ground, not much, but some. The wind was not cooperating as much as it could have. The next time I will have to do a tandem flight and get some real air. 

 Near the "Lost Colony" national park is the Elizabethan gardens. One rose bush was still in bloom.

Found this little guy when I was trying to photograph a spider, I think I scared off his dinner.

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