17 December 2015

More shared documents

Not only have I been busy finding cemeteries, but I've also been creating spreadsheets of the cemeteries I photograph and of cemeteries I would like to find. This makes it easier for me to find which stones are missing and what typos Holdcraft may have made. Having a list also helps me figure out hard to read stones since it's usually possible to read at least some of the carvings.

Before Holdcraft wrote Names in Stone, he published multiple, smaller books on the cemeteries he visited. Volume 5, which can be found on this webpage, lists many of the family cemeteries. This is one of the easier ways for me to create individual sheets for cemeteries, far easier then trying to go through each page of Names in Stone looking for individual names to fill out each cemetery.

Here is a link to all of the spreadsheets I have made in the past few months. Some are in PDF form while others are in spreadsheet form, though they can be viewed in Google Docs without downloading them. I'm slowly trying to get all of them to look the same so I can have one standard. They should be similar, but there are some minor differences, such as not putting ages and such in the last block.

Dates are all done, month/day/year. Stones I was not able to find are italicized, while stones Holdcraft didn't find are in bold. If I have found the cemetery then I've usually given coordinates and an address. 

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